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The Carrier: Reviews and other Press

Review of The Carrier at

"[The Carrier] was a really fun experience and I enjoyed reading it. I thought it was a good story and fantastic use of iPhone technologies."

   Dave Banks,

"Imagine waking up in a strange city with no idea who you are, where you are or why there’s a briefcase handcuffed to your arm. This is opening sequence of an innovative new application for the iPhone, a graphic novel about international terrorism called The Carrier, which was developed exclusively for the device.

While there are dozens of comics and comic related apps for the iPhone, The Carrier is the first to take advantage of some of the phone’s built-in features. The story in The Carrier spills out over a period of ten days, with a whopping 680 panels arriving in 35 different episodes." Read more...

Review of The Carrier at

"This is one comic app where they used all the iPhone had to offer to tell an enjoyable story, and that is rare."

   Dan Tabor,

"...I felt the story was well planned and thought out. I also really enjoyed all the Philadelphia references from the stop in 30th Street Station, to the numerous references to the surrounding states as well, it’s nice to see for such an international story they still kept it close to home.

The Art in the carrier is solid and polished and seems like something you would pick up in your local comic book store." Read more...

Review of The Carrier at

"He didn't just put a book on the iPhone, he actually created a whole digital experience which is actually very cool."

   Bryan Deemer,

"It's kind of an immersive experience that you can't do with an actual comic book... The artwork is really nice, and the story very intriguing." Listen to more...

Review of The Carrier at

"The premise behind The Carrier, Evan Young's iPhone graphic novel, is fairly basic... The execution, however, is anything but simple."

   JK Parkin,

"Existing only through iTunes (for now), the graphic novel mixes traditional comic book storytelling with various real-world iPhone features, including geolocation, email and messaging." Read more...

Review of The Carrier at

"A quick read of Ben Franklin’s bio will tell you that Philadelphia is home to many American firsts. Now you can add another: the first iPhone-exclusive comic."

   Sean Blanda,

"The story takes full advantage of all the features available in a programmable, GPS-enabled device. The story’s 35 chapters unfold in real-time." Read more...

Reader Reviews

"... the art was rich, the interface was non-intrusive and unique, the real-time pacing built suspense, and the alerts lent depth." reader review - Read more...

"There is something just cool about getting a notification at 2:30 am that the next chapter is available, because that's the time of day that the main character had his [spoiler deleted]..."
    iTunes reader review -

Press Releases

We launched The Carrier on September 21, 2009 and released a national press release and a local Philadelphia press release to all respective media outlets; included below are the releases in html format, pdf, and all related graphics.

StopWatch Media press release for Philadelphia media in html or pdf

StopWatch Media press release for national media in html or pdf

A full-sized version of The Carrier iPhone icon

A full-sized version of The Carrier iPad icon

A publicity photo of Evan Young

A publicity photo of Geoffrey Young