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You wake up. There's a briefcase attached to your wrist. You don't know how it got there. You don't know what's inside.

What would happen next?

This is the premise behind The Carrier, a comic book that asks readers to put themselves in the shoes of Peter Lawson. What would you do if you woke up and had a briefcase on your wrist? Would you run? Who would you call? Where would you go?

What if you were a terrorist but didn't even know it?

Now available for the iPad

iPad icon: The Carrier on the iPad

The Carrier has been optimized to experience on the iPad as a complete, 122-page globe-spanning action & espionage story.

Written by Evan Young; drawn, colored and lettered by Luiz "Lula" Borges and Will Walber. Go here to visit The iPad App Store page for The Carrier, and read it for yourself!

Still available for the iPhone, too!

As an iPhone app, The Carrier is a multimedia experience that unfolds in real time over the course of ten days, pulling you into the story through geolocation, email, messaging, and more. In all, The Carrier is a 35-chapter, 680-panel mobile comic experience.

Has your interest piqued? If so, take the red pill and visit The Carrier's download page to get started!

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